Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm back! (Who knows for how long)

So, for the first time in a LONG time I came home for lunch to an empty house. NO ONE here. So, what better time than to write a blog than now??
Now, I've been following a few blogs that have really caught my eye, and by caught my eye… I mean, I am extremely intimidated because these blogs are amazingly written. I am not a poem writer nor an English major, so therefore my grammar and the way that I express myself on here are not the best. Catch my drift?


Now that spring is OFFICIALLY here… I am happy and can honestly say I haven't been this happy in a loooong time. Spring means pretty little flowers, beautiful weather, tanning season, hubby's business goes WAY up but most of all outside time with my two bee's. Last year was fun, don't get me wrong, but this year is just different because they can enjoy the smaller things together. Swimming, sidewalk chalk, the park, bubbles, walks etc… last year, Cason was a tiny little thing that didn't know the difference between feeling hot and cold yet. This year he is experiencing every little piece of the outdoors. From plants, to grass, to cold water, to baseball games, to even the sunshine! Watching both boys out in the sun just brings a huge smile to my face and makes me look forward to all of the things that summer holds for us!

Here are a few pics of how are summer is going so far...

Don't judge. Yes I let him run around nakey. He is much happier that way!

This boy loves baseball. Future Yankees player right here!

Geeeeesh, I never realized how long a blog takes to write and add pics! No wonder I'm not good at this. But gimme some time and I'll be a pro. I'm back at work so I'll be back tomorrow errr maybe later =) It's good to be blogging again and like I said before, I'm not an English major so I only hope my writing gets better as I continue this blogging journey!


  1. Your blog is great!!! Don't worry about what other people think. YOU are the one that will be looking back at stories and memories of your babies and you'll be glad you have them here. Bad grammer and all! Love you!

  2. Love! And I think the whole great part about having your own blog is it's yours! You get to write what you want to's all about you :) Look forward to hearing more from ya!