Monday, April 11, 2011

My weekend...

I'm guessing there aren't a lot of guys that blog, so I'll start off by saying.... as I sit here in the bathroom and pump, I'll tell you guys what my weekend consisted of! Friday night I went out for dinner and drinks with 3 girls from high school! What a fun reunion that was! We gossip a lot and talked about each others' lives! We have all went in different directions but it also seemed like we haven't skipped a beat! I've sure missed those girls!

Saturday I took Cash to the park with my cousin and her two little girls, Ava and Savanna! They are 1 and 2 years old and did I mention she's pregnant with twins?? Yeah, she will have her hands full but we can't wait to meet these bundles of joy! After the park, we went home and took a serious nap! Sunday, daddy went golfing for the day and I took the kiddos to grandmas! It's amazing how much love she has for both of them! Melts my heart everytime! Pretty relaxing weekend I'd say!

I am so looking forward to summer and introducing Cash to all of the new fun things that he wasn't sure about last summer! He's getting to that fun age where he's getting into everything and is curious about how things work! So, needless to say, the pool, sand and dirt are going to be fun!

I'm glad the govt has figured out this damn shut down! I was getting a bit nervous! How was I supposed to recruit people into the Army and them knowing I wasn't getting paid?!! Well, I don't have to worry about that anymore!

Well, for a Monday blog this was pretty lame! They'll get better as the weeks go on! For now... just be patient...


  1. Wow, Lindy, I wanna give your cousin a hug :) And I'm glad about the gov't thing too, holy cow I was freakin!!!

  2. Hi Lindy! Consider this my formal request for more confessions :)