Thursday, April 7, 2011

My rocks, great influences and 2 little heart breakers =)

Introducing my 3 favorite boys! First, without my hubby I couldn't have had 2 little angels. So, I'll put him first =)

This is Cash! He is so full of life, on the go all the time and as ornery as they come! Love him to pieces and am so proud to be his mama!

Cason arrived into this big world on January 21, 2011. He went through some bad times the first half of his little life, but he is back to normal and is perfect as can be!

My beautiful mother has ALWAYS been a huge part of my life. She is my rock, the person I lean on and cry to, the woman I admire more than anyone on this planet, who I can tell ANYTHING to and most of all she is the BEST grandma any little grandson's could ask for. I love her more than life.

My sisters are certainly the reason of who I am today. I blame them for my girlyness. From the start of Kindergarten, they'd dress me up, do my hair and make up like a barbie doll and send me off to school. They have helped me with boy problems, picked me up from places I probably shouldn't have gone but most of all gave me the words and wisdom to get me here today! Thank you BOTH so very much!


  1. What a sweet post! Make sure your mom and sisters read this.

  2. Darling! The boys are simply precious. :)

  3. What a good lookin' group! Those sure are some lucky little boys!! Can't wait to hear more about life in Nebraska! :)