Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Busy busy busy.....

Geez! This weekend flew by and I have no clue what I even did! Well, to start off.... Friday, I was in SUCH a great mood! Got off of work around 11am and headed to see my future daughter in law, Faith =) She is beautiful and Cash is soooo lucky!

Anyways, stayed there for a couple of hours and headed on my long journey home (hour and a half). I sure hope the Army has enough common sense to move my tail to Lincoln. This drive is sure getting tiring! On my way home I get a call from daycare saying Cash is running a 103 temp. Ughhhhhh... NOT a good start to my weekend. Poor boy was miserable. I really think it's his teeth. They are all coming in at once and he's constantly chewing on his sleeves and collars of his shirts. He ran a low grade fever most of the weekend but now he's doing better! Thank the lord. There's nothing worse than seeing your little one in pain =(

Saturday, mom picked me up and we headed to the spring game! We had a BLAST! We went and had coffee at Barnes and Noble, then headed downtown to the "Sea of Red". We tailgated for awhile and watched the game till the very end, we're dedicated. =) Can't wait for football season!

Sunday was a very emotional day for me. A friend of mine who I went to school with lost his baby girl. She was 3 years old and had suffered from a horrible disease. Lisa and I went to the viewing and it was beautiful. Angels all over the casket and a huge collage of pictures. Heaven definitely got a perfect little angel!

Tomorrow is an exciting day! My mother and father inlaw are coming from Florida! We ichat with them 3-4 times a week, so it'll be great to see Cash's expression when they aren't on the computer! They spoil him rotten so I'm sure he'll be so excited! I wish this weather would clear up, it's going to be rainy and cold all week! But that's not stopping us one bit! Easter this year is going to be awesome! We get to dye Easter eggs, meet the Easter bunny and go to an egg hunt! These are the things I've been waiting for =)

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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  1. I bet Cash is going to LOVE hunting eggs this year! How fun...take lots of pics!