Thursday, April 14, 2011

#2 catastrophe....

As I was giving Cash a bath last night, I was taking video because he was laughing hysterically at the silly noises I was making. I swear, I will do anything and everything to hear that cute laugh and I don't care where we are! My husband makes fun of me and says babe, not in public... but I could care less! So, as I was watching the video and getting ready to put it on Facebook, I look over and his face is purple!!! He is grunting and I know what happens shortly after that grunt! I (without trying to scare the poop out of him, literally) gently pick him up and sit him on the "big potty". As I picked him up and swung him over to the toilet, you know what flies with us and lands on the bathroom rug! I've never had an encounter like this so I was trying to think what the most logical thing would be to do! So, I just sat there praising him and giving him high fives all while this stuff was sitting on the rug. He kept saying he was done but I knew better! Minutes later, he got off the potty and I went to clean that gross stuff off the rug and glanced over and guess who was sticking his hand IN the toilet? My first reaction was to scream, and it scared the daylight out of him! He ended up having a meltdown and needless to say bath time was over!! What a crazy night it was in the Marchese house! But just minutes before our catastrophe this is the fun that we were having....!/video/video.php?v=10150165289212570&comments¬if_t=video_comment

I am really looking forward to the weekend! The spring game is on Saturday and it's just a little slice of heaven for me! I have a slight obsession with Nebraska football, as I'm sure 90% of the people that live here do too! The last two seasons I've been big, miserable and pregnant, so this upcoming season is going to be so much fun! Something about big delicious stadium hot dogs, great friends, football, beautiful fall weather and a nice cold beer that makes this girl so happy! Not to mention, I have 2 babies that will grow up being so proud of where they came from; Husker Nation!

Below is the first and only game I went to because I was 7 months preggo! Love tailgating with two of my favorite gals!

My sister is new to the blog world like me, so I am trying to give her some ummph and motivation to continue, so check out her site and follow her! She is very inspiring and anyone who knows her, knows that she would do ANYTHING for ANYONE. She has the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met and I think this new blogging thing is the perfect thing for her to share her stories! I also have a friend named Lindsay who is a brilliant writer as well, her first story had me crying and the rest was history!

Last but not least, I had to share one of the sweetest moments I've had with Cason... I heard him giggle for the first time and I captured it in this picture =)

Hope you are all having a fabulous week and hopefully I'll have some more to blog about tomorrow! Have a great Thursday =)


  1. I knew you wouldnt disappoint :) Thanks so much for the love and the poop story. We played our first game of sinkers and floaters over at the Feist household during bathtime last week and so it makes me smile to hear that I am not the only one cleaning poo off the bathroom floor!

  2. Hahaha, this is so hilarious!!! And I'm so proud of you for keeping up with blogging! You go girl!